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Josh Groban

Voice of an Angel

27 February
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"Music wasn't something I wanted to do professionally until I reached seventh or eighth grade when I was in the choir at school and the teacher asked me to sing 'S'Wonderful' because it was a pretty high song to sing, and my voice still hadn't changed. He had me do it in this cabaret show the school put on, and I looked out into the audience and saw my mom just crying these tears of joy, and I finally realized that I had something I could do that was different and would set me apart from the other kids."

"Wow, it's really hard to name just one. There have been so many amazing singers and musicians that I've looked up to or listened to all my life. Like Paul Simon, Sting, Peter Gabrielle, Bjork - anyone who really tried to push the boundaries or step outside the box a little bit. My vocal influences were the big voices of the stage: Mandy Patinkin, George Hearn, Luciano Pavarotti - anyone who told a story with their songs."

I'm Josh Groban. I sing and act (on occasion). You may or may not have heard of me. I was on a couple episodes of "Ally McBeal", I've performed with some of the greatest singers in the world. I sang at the 2002 Winter Olympics, and during the 2002 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I had a PBS television special, and I have three CDs out. Oh, and I'm 22 and live in Beverly Hills, California.

If you've heard of me, rock on. If you haven't, now's your chance to get to know me.

"People might want to classify me as operatic I suppose, but I won't even be touching Arias for a long time. I want my voice to mature. I hope to look back on my career five or ten years from now and see that I continued to grow as a singer. I would never want to be pigeonholed."

[Please note: This is not real. I am not Josh nor do I claim to be. I am not affiliated with his record company or managment. I'm just a fan who's in love with the voice of an angel.]